Keeping your Shared Expenses(hisab) clear!

About is used for managing all the shared expenses (or common expenses) you make with your room-mates, colleagues or partners. Its a cross-browser, cross-platform web-application meaning it runs on any computer browser or any mobile device. not only keeps the record of all the common expenses it also generates summarized as well as detailed reports. It has following features:-

Add your common expenses from any device whether its computer or mobile/cell-phone , now stop using your notepad or excel!

Making of

The is developed and designed by Abhishek Dilliwal during the period of March-11 and April-11. The subsequent mobile support was contributed by Akash Dilliwal. The software was inspired by the need of it when an alternate of excel or copy-pen was searched and none of the web-app was easy, cross-device compatible or even had that simple reporting technique. The web-app was tested and enhanced as per the requirements and if you think something is missing you too can suggest us enhancement (mail us at: [email protected]).
Hearty thanks to Ashok Dilliwal, Natasha, Amit, Nikhil, Saransh, Vivek, Vibhuti, Pranjal, Devina, SmartStream team, TCS-NSDL team and many more for their encouragement and application evaluation. was built using several tools and technologies here's what was used,