Keeping your Shared Expenses(hisab) clear!

General FAQ's

What is or Shared Expenses Manager anyways? is used for managing all the shared expenses (or common expenses) you make with your room-mates, colleagues or partners. It's a cross-browser, cross-platform web-application meaning it runs on any computer browser or any mobile device (read more...).

Which mobile or cell-phone is supported by the

If you can open google or facebook on your mobile, you can open the same way. Just type in the address bar and bookmark it for convenience.

Can others see my shared expenses data? is a personalized application and each group has its own home-account no one can see the data of other's home-account. For more see the privacy-policy.

Is the application free or it cost me something? is a free to use application. Anyone can register his/her home-account and get started.

Who can add expenses in our home-account?

Any of the members who have the credentials of the home-account can add the expenses. The credentials should be shared among the sharing members or the home-account members.

Is it safe to use for calculating common or shared expenses?

Before giving you the answer for this I would like to tell how the expense is calculated by shared expense manager (
Let me take an example for this, say there are 3 buddies sharing the expense namely Abhishek, Amit and Eshan.� If Abhishek makes an expense for internet of say amount 900 for all of them then will divide the amount to the number of sharing member and make abhishek a creditor of 600 while keeping Amit and Eshan as sharing member who need to give 300 each for internet to Abhishek. Now say if Amit makes a payment for himself and Eshan then only those 2 guys come in picture.
You can any time see the detailed report of your contribution in the by clicking the link against your balance which says �Howz this possible?� Sounds simple and interesting right?
Let me tell you, was thoroughly tested before making it live in public and the author of the application too uses it for his shared expenses management.
For any query feel free to mail at [email protected]. You may like to read the privacy policy of which tells you how we use the information you provide through the site.

Expenses management FAQ's

How do I know my expense was added?

After adding the expense a message is shown which gives a brief summary of the expense added it will show you the member who did expenditure and also the share which is to be made by the other sharing members. You can also go to Reports page where the new expenses could be easily seen. If you don't see the summary, try refreshing the page.

We settle our expenses at the end of month, how can we do this in by default shows you the report of all the expenses which are not-settled yet. If you prefer to clear the expenses on month basis just generate the report at the end of month.To generate the report go to the bottom of Reports page and hit the "Final Settlement" button

My Email address was wrong in the Members section and I didn't receive the generated report, what to do?

All the reports which are mailed to the members can be viewed by clicking the Link View all generated reports. There all the till now generated reports which are sent through mails are listed.

Members FAQ's

We want to remove one member from our common account, how can we do that?

In the Members link you can edit or delete the member's information. Remember the member can be deleted only when all the expenses related to him are cleared or settled.

I want to change the email address on which the report is mailed to me

Login to your account and go to the Members link and against the members name click the edit button. Now you can edit the name and email address of the member.

Can a member become the part of two accounts?

No, accounts are way parallel and no data could be shared among them. However to add the same member in two different account you may add the same member in each account.